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Barack Obama is not an American!

By Scott Tibbs, May 20, 2013

Despite the whining from the Obama administration, Republicans are right to pursue the truth about the disaster in Benghazi on September 11 last year. The American people deserve the full truth about what happened in Benghazi and the Obama administration needs to explain why they made such despicable statements taking the side of the terrorists who murdered our ambassador.

A shocking part of the story is that military personnel were ready to go to the aid of the embattled consulate and were told to "stand down." (See here and here and here.) Obama apologists have whined that there was not enough time to intervene.

Bovine feces.

There are only two ways to know there is "not enough time" to react in an emergency situation. You can look back in hindsight and realize you would not have made it, or you can attempt to intervene and not get there in time. There is no shame in attempting to rescue the Americans under attack and be unable to do so, but it is inexcusable and morally depraved to not even try. I do not believe there was any conspiracy here, but the response was so badly bungled that Obama should personally apologize for it.

Of course, the Obama administration knew that the Benghazi attack was a preplanned terrorist attack, not a spontaneous response to a stupid YouTube video insulting Islam. So why lie about it? Why send failed Secretary of State nominee Susan Rice to lie about it on the Sunday talk show circuit? What could possibly be gained by lying about why our embassy was attacked and why our people were murdered? What was the agenda behind these lies? Americans know that Muslim terrorists hate us and want to do us harm, especially on September 11. Obama would not be blamed for an organized and preplanned, terrorist attack. So why claim it was a spontaneous protest?

What is plain to see is that there is a dark and sinister agenda behind these lies - an attack on free speech. Obama and Hillary Clinton rushed to damn the silly YouTube video, siding with the Muslim terrorists who demanded it be censored and that the maker be punished. The fact that Obama rushed to side with the terrorists and agree with our enemies about how "terrible" and "offensive" this video was - even going to the frightening extreme of pressuring Google to take it down - shows that Barack Obama is not an American. He does not believe in the liberties this nation was founded to protect - and neither does Hillary Clinton.

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