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The terrorists hate us for our freedom!

By Scott Tibbs, September 19, 2012

If you think the terrorists do not hate us for our freedom, then you have absolutely no discernment. The terrorists revealed their true intentions in a protest against a YouTube video attacking the "prophet" Mohammed. Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah of the terrorist group Hezbollah "warned of serious repercussions if the U.S. does not ban the film and have it removed from the Internet."

Rush Limbaugh has been pounding the point home for a week that very few people have seen this video. Certainly not enough have seen this video to cause the large scale riots last week. What happened here is that Muslim terrorists stirred up some mindless savages in a preplanned, premeditated attack on America on the anniversary of 9/11.

This whole thing was staged from the very beginning, and it was planned very well. The scheme is that we will be frightened into censorship of free speech, pushed along by evil people who want to suppress free speech in the name of "tolerance" - something that should be universally dismissed as absurd. Restricting free speech is not and cannot be tolerance.

The so-called "outrage" over an obscure film is an excuse for terrorism, not a reason for it. Had this film never been made, the terrorists would have come up with some other excuse to attack our embassies on 9/11. This is about establishing Sharia law worldwide, and converting people to Islam by force.