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Mindless savages attack America - and our government apologizes!

By Scott Tibbs, September 14, 2012

I share the anger of many Americans at the senseless acts of evil perpetrated by Muslim terrorists against our consulate in Libya and our embassy in Egypt, especially the barbaric murder of our ambassador in the city of Benghazi - a city that we saved when Muammar Gaddafi's forces were marching in its direction with the intention of slaughtering the people there.

You're welcome, by the way!

The raid of the consulate was especially bad. Armed militants staged what was clearly a pre-planned raid to coincide with the anniversary of the war crimes committed by Al Qaeda terrorists on September 11, 2001. They murdered our ambassador and three others in a horrific scene that immediately reminded me of the Mogadishu Massacre in Somalia.

There cannot be enough scorn heaped upon the utterly despicable statement by the Obama administration's representatives in Egypt, who said the following:

"The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions."

This is evil, my friends. Not just wrong. Not just misguided. Evil. Our embassy in a foreign nation, who report to Barack Obama's state department, apologized for the fact that we have free speech in the United States of America. Our embassy apologized for basic American principles and for our Constitution.

Governor Mitt Romney lambasted the embassy's statement, as well he should have. The embassy's statement was completely inexcusable and represented an attack on our liberty. Barack Obama and his supporters were obviously stung by Romney's well-placed attack, which is why they are shrieking about it. Romney must not back down.

One of the concerns conservatives had about Romney is that he would not be willing to attack Obama the way he attacked his Republican opponents. Romney's attack on Obama this week proved that he might be willing to do just that. The fact of the matter is that if you're going to unseat an incumbent in any office you have an obligation to show why that incumbent does not deserve to remain in office.

What Obama should have done is fired every single employee of that embassy and replaced them with people who actually love America. If Obama was serious about sending a message to terrorists and war criminals that these types of attacks will not be tolerated, he would make it clear that there will never be any capitulation or apology for American freedoms.

But does Obama believe that? He was harshly criticized early in his administration for going on what was described as an "apology tour" around the world. The statement of Obama's employees in Egypt (after all, he is the head of state and responsible for what our embassies do) does not help with the perception that he does not believe in basic American principles.

American principles, American values and American liberties are all under attack and we must never compromise in defending them. If we do, we will cease to be America. Anthea Butler wrote a deranged editorial actually calling for the arrest of the person who made a movie that has Muslims angry with the United States.

This is not to defend the movie. I have not seen it, or the trailer for it, and I do not care to. This is because I could not possibly care less about the movie, but I do care about defending free speech from terrorists and war criminals who have the primary objective of obliterating freedom and literally hate us because of our freedom.

Don't believe me? Read the words of one of the militant Muslims who is furious with us for allowing free speech: "I see the U.S. government allowed the Web to spread this link all over the world without limiting freedom, without banning it."

Do those who scoffed at the idea that "they hate us for our freedom" have an answer to this quote? Arresting the people responsible for the controversial movie would be giving aid and comfort to al Qaeda and other Muslim terrorists and war criminals by giving them exactly what they want. This is also not a new phenomenon. Muslim terrorists rioted and murdered over a Florida pastor burning a Koran and over the publication of cartoons lampooning Muslim religious figure Mohammed.

This war on terror, which has been raging for several decades prior to the war crimes committed on 9/11, is absolutely about freedom. That is why we must never compromise to mindless savages who riot, murder and commit wanton acts of destruction because their precious feelings were hurt. That would be a betrayal of everything this nation stands for.