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Even the dictionary has been corrupted

By Scott Tibbs, December 13, 2021

One of the ways the radical Left wages culture war is the redefinition of words and the mutilation of language. We see this in many ways, but the goal of manipulating the definitions of words is to indoctrinate people with a political agenda under the guise of education. This is why conservatives need to pay very close attention to words, and to stand against attempts to mutilate our language in pursuit of a political agenda.

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary, which has been a trusted source for generations, has been corrupted by the radical Left. Merriam-Webster now describes an anti-vaxxer as "a person who opposes the use of vaccines or regulations mandating vaccination." This is completely false, and is indicative of the gaslighting that has been inflicted on the American people through our cultural institutions.

I am very pro-vaccine. I take the influenza vaccine every year. I have taken all of the common vaccinations, such as measles, mumps and so forth. In addition, I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19. I took my shots in March and April of 2021, having signed up to be vaccinated as soon as it was available. I am supportive of employers mandating that their employers take the COVID-19 vaccine, and of schools requiring various vaccines (such as the measles vaccine) in order to attend. I am very clearly not anti-vaccine by any reasonable definition of the term.

But according to Merriam-Webster, I am an "anti-vaxxer" because I opposed and have written against President Joe Biden's nationwide vaccine mandate. I am opposed to this mandate not because I oppose vaccines – again, I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 – but because it usurps the authority of Congress to pass legislation and shatters the limits on federal power in the United States Constitution. President Biden simply does not have the legal authority to bypass Congress and implement a nationwide vaccine mandate through the bureaucracy by executive fiat.

You can see the dishonest and insidious agenda here. The radical Left and their minions know they cannot win a political argument by calling a pro-vaccine person an "anti-vaxxer."So they instead infect and corrupt a respected dictionary in order to push their political agenda by mutilating the language we use. What is worse is that this so-called "definition" is an outright lie. By changing the definitions of words, the radical Leftists are gaslighting the American people – trying to make us believe we have gone crazy. But it is the mutilation of language itself that is actually insane.

COVID-19 has produced a cult, and that cult – the cult of scientism – allows no dissent whatsoever. If you dissent in any way from pandemic mitigation measures, then you are selfish and reckless. You do not care if people die so long as your "freedumb" is not restricted. The proper response to this is to fight back and expose the gaslighting, the hypocrisy, and the outright lies of the scientism cult. Refuse to allow them to mutilate the language and refuse to go along with it. Never back down and never compromise.

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