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Harvey Milk was a sexual predator who should never be honored

By Scott Tibbs, November 15, 2021

A few months ago, a number of news stories broke about Congressman Matt Gaetz allegedly having sex with teenage girls. Leftists were outraged and offended, or so they would have us believe, that a 38-year-old man was allegedly carrying on with teenage girls. Leftists argued this exposes the total lack of decency on the Right, and of Gaetz himself. And yes, if these allegations are true, Gaetz should absolutely be thrown out of Congress. Republicans do not need to have someone like Gaetz in their caucus.

But for the Leftists condemning Gaetz, their performative so-called "morality" was nothing but hypocrisy. The same Leftists who were damning Gaetz are celebrating Harvey Milk. For those who do not know, Milk made a habit of sodomizing teenage boys. Far from being an act of consenting adults, Milk targeted and sexually exploited underage boys. According to this new "standard" from the Left, sexual predators should be condemned if they are Republicans, but honored if they are Democrats.

Milk was not killed for his stance on homosexual rights. He was killed by a former member of the city's Board of Supervisors over other matters. To this day, the myth still stands that Milk was some sort of a martyr for homosexual rights, when that is not and never was true.

If President Biden wanted to memorialize someone who was a homosexual-rights activist, he should have picked someone who was not a sexual predator. It is a stain on the US Navy to have a battleship named after Milk, and shows great disrespect to do that less than a week before Veterans Day. It may be unprecedented to remove someone's name from a battleship, but that is exactly what should be done. Biden should apologize to the nation, to the military, and to victims of sexual abuse for this act of moral depravity.

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