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Screaming obscenities is not a conservative value

By Scott Tibbs, November 11, 2021

Joe Biden has been a terrible President. I fervently hope he (or whoever the Democrats nominate) is soundly defeated in 2024. I have criticized his policies and his character and will continue to do so. But can't conservatives come up with a more intelligent slogan than chanting the F word at the President of these United States?

There was a time when conservatives were appalled by such things. Sure, there were trolls on forums, website comment sections and social media, but mainstream conservatives would generally frown on openly obscene behavior. Then came Donald Trump. While it was refreshing to see a Republican who is not afraid to fight back, Trump is crude and crass, and prone to viciously attack no matter the context.

Now, we have Republicans who will actually argue that not screaming obscenities about the President is "why we lose." No, it is not. Yes, Republicans have lost a lot of battles by not "fighting back" against the Left. But the way to fight back is to expose the Left's bad policy, expose bad behavior, and aggressively defend and support our own policy agenda. We will not gain a single vote by screaming obscenities about the President. The only people it helps us with are the most motivated people who are going to vote anyway. It will turn off moderates and motivate Leftists to work against us harder. Do not justify being crude by making it a "principle."

However, many of the same Democrats who spent the last four years screaming obscenities at President Trump and his family now clutch their pearls at people on the Right doing the same. These hypocrites are not offended by disrespect of the President. They are offended when the disrespect is directed at their guy, instead of Trump. (There has also been plenty of obscene rhetoric directed at George W. Bush and Mike Pence.)

To the origin of "Lets Go Brandon" as a substitute for the obscene chant: A reporter at a race said the crowd was chanting "let's go Brandon" when they were clearly screaming obscenities about the President. Some people have said this was an active cover-up of discontent against Biden. I have been very critical of the Fake News Media, but I do not agree this was a cover up. She was making the best of a very awkward situation. I doubt a political agenda was in her mind at at all.

It is time to end the disrespectful screaming of obscenities. I do not care that the Left "did it first," as that is a child's argument. Holy Scripture teaches us in Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2:17 that we should honor those in authority over us, as all authority is given by God. ("King" can be applied to any earthly authority.) This does not mean we cannot oppose or criticize, which we have every right to do in a constitutional republic. It does mean we should treat the office with respect.

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