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The transgender cult want to criminalize dissent

By Scott Tibbs, October 27, 2021

There are genetic, anatomical and hormonal differences between men and women. This is a scientific fact, but the transgender cult wants to erase distinctions between men and women to advance their radical political ideology and force everyone to comply with their demands. The cult wants to criminalize all dissent. It will not end with having social media companies like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook ban biological facts. The end goal is having police show up at your door if you say something "offensive" on social media.

Do you think I am being hyperbolic? No, I am not. Police have actually visited people in the United Kingdom for making "transphobic" remarks on social media, saying that a person's biological sex is real while transgender "identity" is not. That could never happen here, you might say. Well, no one could have predicted two decades ago it would happen in the UK either.

Big Tech has actually gotten to the point of censoring facts presented by members of Congress, under the fraudulent claim of "hate speech." Congressman Jim Banks of northeast Indiana had his official congressional Twitter account locked when he correctly said that the first "female" four-star admiral of the U.S. Public Health Service is actually a man. Of course, Rachel Levine is a biological man. He was born with male anatomy. He can mutilate himself or cosplay as a "woman" all he wants, but he is a man.

Stating facts is "hateful conduct" according to Twitter, and "hate speech" according to the "woke." But pointing out that someone who is biologically, genetically and anatomically male is not a woman is not hateful in any way. Banks did not call for violence against anyone. I have known Jim for 22 years, back to when he was an undergraduate at Indiana University. He does not hate anyone. The people screeching "hate speech" are trying to distract from biological reality by claiming that pointing out those facts is "hateful."

It is one thing when Twitter suspends a private citizen for speaking heresy against transgender theology. It is something entirely different when Twitter makes it against its terms of service for a Congressman to weigh in on a prominent political and cultural issue - one with implications for federal policy - and censors his speech. Forbidding members of Congress from making statements on public policy takes censorship to a new level, and this attack on basic democratic norms should alarm every American.

Is the solution to break up Twitter? No. There is not a public-policy answer that will make things better. Getting the government involved will only make things worse. The best solution is to expose Twitter's openly corrupt moderation while using alternative platforms like Gab. I have been on Gab since January 2018 and my only regret is not joining earlier. All Republican members of Congress should have a Gab account and cross-post everything to both platforms. Let Twitter know they are not the only game in town by working to grow Gab's user base. Had Donald Trump joined Gab in 2017 or 2018, that would have been a game changer, but he missed that opportunity. Republicans should not miss this one.

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