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Donald Trump is putting his ego over the country

By Scott Tibbs, October 25, 2021

Donald Trump is clearly running for President in 2024, but can Republicans trust him? He is putting his fragile ego not only over the Republican Party, but also over the good of the country and every local community. He remains very popular with the Republican base, but at some point the base needs to consider whether Trump actually has our best interests at heart or whether he is all about his own fragile ego.

There was a time when Republicans could work with Trump. He repealed harmful regulations on business when he first entered office, supported pro-life policy, got a significant tax cut through Congress, got us out of the foolish nuclear deal with Iran, reversed Barack Obama's attacks on due process for college men accused of sexual misconduct and defended religious freedom. Realistically, we would not have gotten any of that had Republicans not worked with and supported Trump while he was in office.

Has his selfishness now made that impossible? His missive earlier this month telling Republicans not to vote in the 2022 election raises serious questions about his character and loyalty going forward. Trump is willing to sabotage his own party and conservative governance at the state, local and federal level in order to feed his own ego about losing the 2020 election.

I understand that for whatever reason Trump legitimately believes the 2020 presidential election was stolen. But that is not a reason to sabotage his own party's ability to re-take Congress and block the Biden agenda, as well as get elected (or re-elected) and implement fiscally and socially conservative policy in state governments, county governments, city governments and even township government. Trump is so obsessed with personal loyalty to him that he is willing to sabotage every Republican candidate at every level. Is this someone we really want leading our party?

Some would say that Trump's missive was only a warning about what Republican voters intend to do. I do not believe that. However, if that were true, it was very poorly written and a former President needs to be more careful with his words. Enough Republicans could take it as an urge not to vote that it could cost us elections. Even so, the "warning" was unnecessary. What he should have done is urge discouraged Republicans to vote in the next election, all the way down the ticket.

If Trump wants to be President again, he needs to stop this nonsense and focus on helping "MAGA" candidates win Republican primaries and general elections. Hollowing out the party in 2022 will make things much more difficult for him in 2024. Trump needs to put the good of the party and conservative governance over his brittle, fragile ego. Unfortunately, I see no hope of him doing that. Sad!

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