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Radical Leftist "activists" are determined to Build Back Worse

By Scott Tibbs, October 15, 2021

Does Joe Biden believe a single word he says about "women's rights" and protecting women from predators? Or is Biden just another hypocrite who leverages "principles" only when it benefits him while ignoring those "principles" when they do not benefit him? How can any woman who works with Biden ever trust him when he says "it happens to everyone" when a woman is followed into the bathroom, recorded in an intimate setting, and harassed while using the toilet?

When environmentalists ran a chainsaw in Congressman John Hostettler's office in Bloomington in 1997 and filled the office with smoke, at least they were protesting in a public space. When Leftist "activists" followed Senator Kyrsten Sinema into a bathroom, filmed her in the bathroom like creepy voyeurs, and posted the video online, they were invading a private space.

What we need to do is respect the boundaries between public and private spaces. If Sinema is giving a campaign speech, or attending an event as a U.S. Senator, then she should expect there could be protests or people confronting her about controversial votes on legislation, policy positions, or public statements. If she is using the bathroom, she should be left alone, not followed and berated by so-called "activists" trying to raise their profile on social media.

The examples mentioned above are easy, but not every case will be clear cut, with easily distinguishable lines between private and public spaces. That is why there needs to be a basic respect for elected officials as human beings, considering how we would want to be treated. None of the so-called "activists" stalking women in restrooms would be happy if someone on the Right decided to "fight fire with fire" and follow them into the bathroom with a video camera. The hypocrisy could not be more obvious.

Finally, Joe Biden displayed a severe lack of character with his dismissive comments about the stalking of Sinema, saying "it happens to everyone" and it is "part of the process." No, stalking people in bathrooms is not part of the process, and it should not happen to anyone. This is an obscene failure of leadership, and Biden has disgraced his office and brought shame upon the entire country. At a time when he could have stood for civility, Biden showed inexcusable weakness. Biden has once again shown he is unfit to lead.

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