Scott Tibbs

School prayer and mask mandates are a distraction

By Scott Tibbs, October 13, 2021

Throughout the 1980's and 1990's, conservatives groused about prayer in school and how the country began to decline when we "took prayer out of the schools." Later, conservatives became enamored of putting the Ten Commandments in public places. Now, we have tens of millions of conservative Christians bitterly complaining about mask mandates and other government actions to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. All of this is a distraction. Too many Christians have become obsessed with these things as a way to parade their opposition to state overreach, so that they do not have to deal with more important things.

We hear Christian conservatives wailing about vaccine mandates, while they say precious little about the fact that many states allow a teenage girl to have her baby killed without the consent or even the knowledge of her parents. Is it really more of an imposition on liberty to take a vaccine against a virus than to have someone else take your daughter to the abortion mill without your knowledge or consent as her parent? Which medical procedure is more invasive? Which one always results in death?

Conservative Christians chafe against mask mandates and refuse to comply, but then are blind and deaf to schools handing out condoms to teenagers so they can more easily fornicate. Would you really rather your school hand your child a mask, or hand your child a condom? Why have we not had dozens or hundreds of Christians speaking against condom distributions at school board meetings and holding public protests? But see, that carries more risk than opposing a meaningless piece of cloth over someone's face.

Look, COVID-19 powers have been abused and some really worrisome precedents are being set right now. But in comparison to millions of babies being butchered in their mother's wombs, millions more killed by abortifacient drugs and chemical abortions, and rampant violations of parental consent, it is insignificant. Railing against pandemic mitigation policy is like being worried about the annoying gnat buzzing your ear while ignoring the tiger that is stalking you. Worry about the tiger first, then get to the gnat.

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