Scott Tibbs

The dangerous cult mentality in both parties

By Scott Tibbs, October 12, 2021

We have a real problem with many of the most dedicated voters in both major political parties devolving into a cult. One need look no farther than the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona to see a striking example of this cult mentality.

Back in 2018, Jeff Flake held that seat and voted with Donald Trump 91% of the time. Yet despite his voting record, he had been critical of Trump's character and personality, so Trump hated him. Trump's supporters also attacked Flake, and wanted to throw him out. Flake did not run for re-election and probably would not have won his primary. He was replaced by Sinema, who votes with Joe Biden 100% of the time. Sinema probably would not have defeated Flake in the general election. So Republicans who could not handle Flake's words now have a Senator who is 100% opposed to them on policy. Great work.

Leftists seem determined to do the same thing with Sinema, despite her voting record. So if "progressives" manage to cause Sinema to lose in 2024, they will almost certainly have a Senator who votes against their interests well over 90% of the time. If Trump runs again in 2024 and wins (becoming the only person other than Grover Cleveland to serve non-consecutive terms in office) "progressives" will have a Senator who consistently votes with a President who they deeply despise. Great work.

With Flake and Sinema, the Right and Left had and have a Senator who is very supportive of them on actual policy. However, Flake and Sinema did not repeat the confession of faith. We live in a deeply un-serious time, where it is much more important that a political leader say the "right" things than actually do the right things. And the demonization of Flake and Sinema by their own parties despite their respective legislative records shows how much wide swaths both parties have devolved into competing cults. I have no interest in being part of a cult, because I believe that policy actually does matter.

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