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War crimes by the Soviet Union in World War II

By Scott Tibbs, September 10, 2021

President Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union the "Evil Empire." Very few times has an American president spoke with greater moral clarity than Reagan did with those two words. While many of the atrocities of the USSR are well known (such as the man-made famine and the purges) one that has not been explored as much as it should be is the absolutely brutal campaign of mass rape across Germany after World War II. See here and here and here and here for more.

One of the great tragedies of the Second World War is that after we defeated the Nazi war machine, we surrendered Eastern Europe to decades of brutal oppression by a regime that was every bit as evil. What we should have done is force the Red Army out of Europe and spared Eastern Europe from 45 years of Communist oppression behind the Iron Curtain.

Of course, United States soldiers were not innocent either. A horrifying number of German women and little girls were violently raped by American, French and British soldiers after Allied forces invaded and conquered Germany. The scale of the mass rape was nowhere near as widespread and brutal as what the Soviets did, because the Soviets intentionally used mass rape a weapon of war and to humiliate Germany and break Germans' will. Some German women committed suicide as the Red Army approached.

Now, we should be very clear: Obviously the Nazi regime was evil. Obviously they had to be stopped, and obviously the war against Nazi aggression was justified and necessary. The Allies were fighting a war of survival against an invading army. That does not, however, excuse the horrific war crimes of the evil Communist marauders - the war crimes the Soviets committed against German civilians, against the people of nations they conquered, or against their own people.

With that said, this is a letter I sent to my representatives in Congress:

World War II was a just war, as it was a war of self-defense against an invading army. Nazi Germany was truly an evil force, and the war crimes and genocide committed by the Nazis are very well documented. It was a blessing to humanity any time one of these monsters was executed.

However, the fact that the United States and the Allies were fighting for a righteous cause does not excuse war crimes committed against the German people, especially the campaign of mass rape by the Soviet Union. The atrocities the Soviets committed and the terror they inflicted on German civilians demonstrates that President Reagan was right to call the USSR an "Evil Empire."

This is why I believe it is time for our nation to recognize the war crimes committed against the German people. Over the last couple decades, Soviet war crimes have been revealed, especially an intentional terror campaign of mass rape against German women. Sadistic Soviet soldiers would violently gang rape German women, including little girls as young as 8 years old. Our own soldiers raped German women as well, but on nowhere near the scale that the Soviets did.

As Russia seeks to become more influential under the rule of KGB apparatchik Vladimir Putin, the world should be fully informed of the true extent of the Soviet Union's crimes against humanity. Russia, like the Soviet Union before it, has gotten away with pretending that World War II was "the great patriotic war" for too long, covering up their war crimes and campaign of mass terror, the brutal oppression of Eastern Europe, and the Soviets' own alliance with Nazi Germany. It is time to crush the hypocrisy and dishonesty with the disinfectant of truth.

For the honor of our own nation, we should also fully recognize the war crimes our soldiers committed. The height of patriotism is desiring your nation uphold moral standards and respect human rights. It is time for an official national apology, not only for our own crimes but for not standing up against our genocidal "allies" in the Soviet Union.

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