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Libertarians dancing on John McCain's grave

By Scott Tibbs, September 3, 2021

I never was a fan of John McCain. I openly supported Bob Barr in the 2008 general election, voting Libertarian rather than voting for the RINO that the Republican Party nominated. But while I never supported McCain, his death three years ago was sad. He was a war hero, and adored by his family. This is why the Libertarian Party dancing on McCain's grave was sick and depraved. Whatever you think of McCain, how about having compassion on his daughter and widow?

Following is an email I sent to the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire.

What is wrong with you?

This is the pressing question many people are asking today after you were dancing on John McCain's grave on Twitter. While I was never a supporter of McCain - I proudly voted for the Libertarian candidate for President in 2008 - I value his service to our nation and his personal integrity. But more importantly, I have compassion for his family. They do not deserve to be subjected to people dancing on their loved one's grave because some "libertarian" trolls disagree with him on policy.

As to your so-called "policy" argument about "bombs not dropped" and "children not murdered" due to McCain's death, I have a news flash for you: Had McCain never been elected to the House or Senate, every single bomb that was dropped in foreign wars would still have been dropped. McCain was overly aggressive in advocating for military intervention, to be sure, but he was never the one who ordered bombings or invasions. McCain was never the Commander-In-Chief.

I have often admired the Libertarian Party being the party of principle, especially as Republicans have repeatedly capitulated to demands for bigger government and more spending - both after the 1994 election and after the 2010 election. Both of these saw Republicans espouse many libertarian talking points and then failed to follow through. But if the Libertarians want to be a true alternative for conservatives, acting like a teenage boy trolling "for the lulz" is not how you do it.

We have enough bitter division in our politics without the so-called "party of principle" making things worse and rubbing salt in the wounds of grieving family members. Libertarians have many good things to say about policy, such as ending police militarization, defending civil liberties against the overreach of the Patriot Act and the War on Drugs, and opposing repeated foreign wars and empire-building. That is why your childish, petulant trolling is so very disappointing.

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