Scott Tibbs

The absurdity of equating Christians and the Taliban

By Scott Tibbs, August 30, 2021

As the Taliban takes over Afghanistan, we know what is going to happen to women under the Islamic theocracy. Women and even pre-teen girls will be forced into "marriages" (sex slavery) against their will, and Muslim terrorists will use gang rape as a weapon against women whose families collaborated with the United States. They will not be allowed to attend school or be seen in public, and they will be forced to wear burlap sacks that cover their entire bodies. Women who report rapes will be murdered or raped again.

All of these truly horrifying outcomes are, according to some truly unhinged Leftists, exactly the same as restricting "abortion rights" in a constitutional republic where women have full voting rights and where discrimination based on sex is illegal under federal law. This is also a country where the majority of university students are women. Sure, it is exactly the same.

The people making this "argument" have no sense of proportion, but it is worse than that. They are trivializing the very real suffering of women under the Taliban - a regime that openly forces pre-teen girls into a life of rape slavery. Girls are not the only victims, of course. Despite the Taliban's alleged intolerance of homosexuality, the violent rape of little boys is common under the Muslim theocracy.

Meanwhile, anti-abortion laws actually defend the weakest and most vulnerable among us against those who would kill them by dismemberment, or by burning them to death in a saline solution. The abortion industry kills over 860,000 babies every year - far less than the 1.5 million that were being slaughtered in the early 1990's but still a holocaust that surpasses the 1994 genocide in Rwanda every single year.

Do not tell me you are truly outraged about the violent oppression of women under the Taliban regime if you equate it to restrictions on abortion. Even if I believed abortion should be legal, banning it is nowhere near as much of a violation of basic human dignity as what the Taliban is doing. Those who equate pro-life legislators and advocates to the Taliban are beclowning themselves.

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