Scott Tibbs

When "compassion" leads to rape

By Scott Tibbs, August 27, 2021

My initial reaction to putting anatomically intact male prisoners into women's prisons in California is "insane," but that was not the correct reaction. It is actually not insane it all. It is a calculated decision, and it is pure evil. The "authorities" in California are knowingly and intentionally subjecting women in prison to repeated rapes in order to advance a radical political agenda.

Obviously, there are real safety issues with "trans women" (biological men) in women's prisons. They are subject to beatings and repeated rapes from other prisoners. Our prison system in every state has done a terrible job protecting the basic human rights of men and women in our prisons and jails, which is why George W. Bush signed the Prison Rape Elimination Act in 2003.

But putting "trans women" who are biologically, genetically and anatomically male into women's prisons is not the answer. The "authorities" in California know that there will be "sex" between the biological males and women, so they are handing out condoms and "Plan B" abortifacient contraceptives to women in prison. In reality, much of this "sex" is and will be forcible rape. Even if a woman in prison "consents" to the sex, she is in reality being raped because of her confinement.

But the so-called "progressives" in control of California's government consider the rape of women to be acceptable collateral damage in their war against sex distinctions created by God. They are determined to force their ideology on society, abolishing distinctions between men and women. It is bad enough when they deny women the opportunity to fairly compete in sports (see here and here and here) by forcing them to compete against biological men. It is another thing entirely to subject women in prison to being repeatedly raped by "trans women" who are genetically and anatomically male. This is something the Taliban would do.

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