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I am six feet and four inches tall

By Scott Tibbs, August 12, 2021

I am very offended that my doctor is refuses to recognize my Height Identity. It is a basic human right to have height-affirmative care and I am not getting it. I identify as 6'4" and I am offended that my doctor records my height as 5'9" instead. My identity is not tied to a white patriarchal system. This persecution must stop.

Of course, all of this is nonsensical, but no more so than "gender identity." In fact, claiming that I am seven inches taller than I actually am is less nonsensical than claiming that I am actually a woman. Saying sex is "assigned" at birth is like saying height and weight are "assigned" to someone. No one has ever been "assigned" sex at birth. The doctor simply observes what the baby looks like and records it accordingly. In fact, you do not need to be a doctor or have any formal education to make that observation.

This, of course, brings me to the to the utterly absurd move by the American Medical Association to stop recording the sex of newborn babies on birth certificates. The excuse for this is that this may cause "violence" when birth certificates are required. No it does not. Violence is a criminal act caused by human depravity, not by official record-keeping. Does anyone really believe that when a birth certificate is requested in an official capacity that someone will be beaten or murdered if their outward gender expression does not match their "assigned" sex at birth? Are there any documented cases of this at all?

We even have "universities" denying basic biological facts and apologizing to "students" who are "offended" by these facts. The term "pregnant women" is not offensive, of course. It represents a biological reality. Not only has the AMA been corrupted, but major research universities have also been corrupted. Do you know why people do not trust the elites and formerly respected institutions? Do you know why people no longer trust so-called "experts?" This is why.

Treating "trans" people according to their gender identity instead of their biological and genetic sex has real consequences - such as when a "trans man" was in the hospital for severe abdominal pain. It turns out that she was pregnant, but this was ignored because of her gender identity. This wound up being fatal to the baby, but could have been very dangerous for the pregnant woman.

There is no conflict between recognizing biological facts in a clinical setting and treating trans people with respect, or even affirming someone's gender identity. But while a decade ago the transgender cult was saying that sex and gender are different things and that sex does not determine gender, the cult is now attempting to completely erase biological sex.

The radical Left is corrupting every institution they can, including the medical profession. I said above that you do not need any formal education to tell the difference between males and females, which is true. But you can "educate" yourself into ignorance or even into a delusional cult. "Education" should not be used to deny basic biological facts, but our "education" system is making people ignorant. We have to stand up and say "no" to this corruption.

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