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Stop harassing people in their private lives

By Scott Tibbs, August 6, 2021

We have heard an awful lot over the last five years about "civility" and how Donald Trump has coarsened our culture and our political discourse. The Orange Man is Bad, after all. Joe Biden was elected because he is not Trump, but while Trump made things worse, he was not the cause of the rancor and division. The bitterness, anger and hatred that infests our politics would be there if Trump never came down that escalator.

We saw this recently when a Leftist troll confronted Fox News personality Tucker Carlson and berated him in a fishing store. The confrontation - which just so happened to be conveniently recorded - saw a man telling Carlson he was a terrible person and that he did not care that he was making a scene in front of Carlson's daughter. That person is a real prize of humanity.

Do not be fooled. This was not a random argument by someone who loathes Carlson's political views. This was a planned, calculated attempt to gain Internet fame. That is why the troll had the argument recorded and shared it on social media. He had no interest in changing Carlson's mind or having a conversation. This was a nobody chasing Internet fame. He got his fifteen minutes.

I will say the same thing I said when a "conservative" troll confronted Chris Cuomo and insulted Cuomo's intelligence by calling him "Fredo." When someone is in their private life - shopping at a store, eating at a restaurant or walking down the street with his family - leave him alone. Do not confront and try to start an argument. You would not like it if someone who does not like your opinions randomly accosted you in public places, so do not do that to someone else.

Yes, I know some "conservatives" have been hypocrites on this matter. Some of the same people condemning the fame-seeking troll were cheering and laughing when Cuomo was confronted. That is why we have to be consistent in opposing this behavior. We lose all moral authority when we have different standards for "our side" than for our political opposition. I am fed up with this nonsense about how we need to "fight fire with fire" or other such foolishness. It is childish and simple-minded. Grow up.

If we are going to have a country that remains unified and does not devolve even further, then we need to learn how to live, work, shop and eat next to people despite profound political, cultural or religious disagreements. That has always been the basic premise of this nation: That we are a melting pot. We have often failed to live up to that goal, but it is a worthy goal nonetheless. Radical Leftists want the melting pot to be forced conformity instead. They must not be allowed to succeed.

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