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Leftist dishonesty about omnibus spending bills

By Scott Tibbs, July 14, 2021

One of the characteristics of "The Swamp" in Washington, D.C. is that Congress loves enormous omnibus spending packages. In order to vote for something you may agree with, you have to vote for the entire package, which will inevitably include things you do not like. It has been a way for "The Swamp" to fund everything they want. This makes the growth of government very difficult to stop.

Such is the case with the enormous $1.9 trillion COVID-19 "relief" package. This included $350 billion in aid to local governments. Not all of this will be used to increase funding for police, of course, but some of it will be. This leaves over $1.5 trillion in other spending. Indiana Congressman Jim Banks was called out by name by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank for opposing the omnibus package.

Milbank's attack on Banks is dishonest, and he knows it. Milbank has been reporting on politics long enough to know how this process works, and he knows that aid to local governments (some of which will go to police) is a small part of the overall package. Milbank knows that voting against a giant spending package does not mean you oppose every single thing in the package.

So how about this? Propose a clean spending bill with grants to local government that can only be used to fund local police. Then we will see how many Republicans (and how many Democrats) vote for it. But to claim that opposing spending almost $2 trillion, making the budget deficit and national debt even bigger, and pouring mountains of debt on our great-great-grandchildren means you are opposed to funding local police is a shameful gaslighting tactic. This us why the legacy media is called the "fake news media."

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