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More religious fanaticism over COVID-19

By Scott Tibbs, May 21, 2021

Imagine being such a religious fanatic that if people make medical decisions you do not agree with, you "jokingly" threaten to murder their children. That is exactly what Leftist icon Bette Midler did on Twitter last week. This is sick and depraved. The fact that Twitter did not discipline Midler speaks volumes.

Midler did not even have her facts right when she claimed unvaccinated children are bringing a "deadly plague" to school. Children are by far the least vulnerable population to COVID-19. But far more importantly, vaccines have not been approved for children yet. Midler is openly threatening to poison unvaccinated children when they are not even legally allowed to be vaccinated.

Furthermore, even if vaccines were approved for children (and they have not been) children cannot legally take the vaccine without parental consent. They have no legal option to get a shot even if they want to. Threatening to murder children because you disagree with their patents' medical decisions is demonic. This is what a cult looks like.This religious fanaticism is no different from the mentality that led fanatics to murder young women suspected of being "witches" in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1690's.

President Biden has not been helpful either, as he declared on Twitter that people must "get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do." This could have been worded to persuade rather than demand. Perhaps something like this: We have been wearing masks and avoiding normal life for a year. We have incredibly effective and safe vaccines, and we can put COVID-19 behind us. Will you please take the vaccine so we can reach herd immunity? Even if you feel you do not need one because of your age and health, will you get immunized to protect vulnerable people who may not be able to get the vaccine?

None of this is designed to expand vaccination rates by persuading more people to take the vaccine. It is designed for COVID-19 cultists to parade their virtue and condemn those who will not take the vaccine or give it to their children when it is legally available. Vaccinations have become a religious ceremony instead of a critical pandemic mitigation tool.

I am far more pro-vaccine than the Cult of COVID-19, because I am actually interested in concrete solutions rather than parading my virtue and damning those who disagree with me as heretics and witches. For the radical Left, COVID-19 has long ago ceased to be about pandemic mitigation and has become about religious fanaticism. This is causing people to die, and no one should be fine with that.

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