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Why all the hatred for Jordan Peterson?

By Scott Tibbs, May 12, 2021

Stand up straight. Clean your room. Speak plainly. Do not lie. Take responsibility for helping yourself. Assume others know things you do not know. What exactly about these things are objectionable? What exactly about these things makes Jordan Peterson comparable to a Nazi war criminal?

I have not read Peterson's books, nor do I follow him on social media. I am not here to defend every single thing he has ever said or written. That is not the point. The point is this: Peterson is hated because he is a threat on two levels: Opposing collectivism and showing the need for fathers.

By giving young men very simple advice on how to be successful, and because young men have improved their lives following Jordan's advice, Jordan has shown that it actually is possible to make your own life better through improving your character. This challenges generations of ideology that the system is against you and only the state can step in and make your life better. Nothing challenges an authoritarian more than having people (especially young men) improve their own lives.

Second, Peterson has exposed the father hunger of our culture. This is probably more important than opposing collectivism. With many boys growing up without a father, they lack a positive role model to teach them important values. Feminists may claim that women do not need men, but children do need fathers. Sons and daughters need fathers for different reasons. Peterson is popular with disaffected young men because many of them lack a father figure, and that simply cannot be tolerated in today's feminist society.

Toxic masculinity is a problem, but masculinity is not. Toxic masculinity ignores masculine virtues like hard work and sacrifice, and is therefore a perversion of masculinity. To the extent Peterson is encouraging men to be responsible for their own lives, he is dismantling toxic masculinity. So why should he be condemned for that? The real agenda is obvious. Always keep your eyes open.

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