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"All Options" should not get corporate welfare

By Scott Tibbs, May 7, 2021

On All Options Pregnancy Resource Center's Facebook Page, they posted a picture with the text "Let's fund some abortions!" They celebrate with glee as they pay to have babies killed.

It is one thing to believe that women need access to abortion and that financial help should be provided to women in need. But the focus of that image was not on helping women, but funding abortion itself. This indicates not an enthusiasm for charity, but a disturbing bloodlust. It was a shocking image, but what is more disturbing is that they back up their words with blood money.

From All Options' 2019 annual report: From All Options' 2020 annual report: Not only did "All Options" pay for the murder of 665 babies over two years in Indiana alone, but the "Hoosier Abortion Fund" is drastically increasing year-to-year, paying for more killing each year than the year before. With this in mind, here is the letter I wrote to the Bloomington City Council:


I write to you today to encourage you to reject All Options Pregnancy Resource Center's request for a grant form city government. As our nation gets ever more divided, it is important for those in leadership to set a good example and not unnecessarily force your views on anyone else.

As you know, AOPRC has a fund to pay for abortion. Many thousands of people in this city are morally opposed to abortion, and would never voluntarily donate to an organization like All Options. By giving taxpayer money to All Options, you are perpetuating division and creating conflict.

Obviously, donating diapers is a good thing. I have personally delivered diapers donated at the annual Rally for Life to Hannah House for years. One church alone significantly increased diaper donations this past January. As a father myself, I understand the importance of diapers.

But we can help provide diapers without funneling money though an organization that funds the killing of unborn babies. Perhaps the city itself could purchase diapers directly and provide them free of charge to families in need, or do it in cooperation with township trustees. There are other options.

Councilors, either we believe in healing our nation's divisions and promoting tolerance and unity or we do not. I am asking you to lead by example. Please do not force pro-life taxpayers to fund an organization we find morally abominable. If you want to fund All Options, you can donate yourself or recruit friends and neighbors to do so voluntarily, without a needlessly divisive use of taxpayer money.

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