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Treating face masks like ceremonial religious garb

By Scott Tibbs, April 21, 2021

Both federal regulations and Spirit Airlines' own policy allow people to remove face masks while they are eating. So why was a family harassed and forced off a plane when they were following regulations? This is why: Because some people have made masks into a religious sacrament. You must wear the ceremonial religious garb, and no exceptions will be made. This is what a cult looks like.

As I have said many times, I support wearing masks to help limit the spread of COVID-19. I support and have defended the statewide mask mandate. I was wearing a mask indoors in public places before it was mandatory. What I do not support is treating masks like a religious sacrament and damning those who do not comply with even the most unreasonable demands.

There was no danger here, nor was there any violation of policy. Telling a family that a two year old child who is eating must wear a mask is not about safety. It is about compliance.

I said on Twitter that this was an example of treating masks as ceremonial religious garb. This does not mean I think all mask-wearing is religious. I do not believe that and I have never said anything to that effect. Masks are a practical tool to slow the spread of the virus. When it crosses into cult-like behavior is when there are unreasonable demands to wear masks when they are not required.

And once again, this unreasonable demand is being used as evidence that mask mandates themselves are bad, and that mask requirements overall have nothing to do with safety but are a way to train the population to be submissive. It makes it more difficult to convince people to follow pandemic mitigation guidelines, which will make the COVID-19 pandemic longer and more deadly. This nonsense has to stop.

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