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"Cancel Culture" is an oppressive, hyper-legalist cult

By Scott Tibbs, March 23, 2021

Teenagers are stupid. Because of this, they say and do things that they would regret later on. The human brain is not fully developed and they are getting used to new hormones and changes in their bodies. I remember being 17, and I was stupid and immature. Most of us would not want to be judged today for stupid things we did and said when we were 17. That is true whether we are 47 or 27.

This brings me to the "scandal" surrounding Alexi McCammond, who was recently forced out as editor of Teen Vogue for tweets she posted a decade ago. But the magazine knew about the tweets when they hired McCammond, who apologized for them two years ago. Something that is not an obstacle to hiring someone should not be a reason to immediately fire them.

I understand the urge some conservatives have to "fight fire with fire" and hold Leftists to their own standard. That is why some prominent "blue check" conservatives on Twitter have been promoting this story and cheering McCammond's termination. However, this is the exact time that conservatives need to show grace and forgiveness for something stupid someone said at 17. We need to show our opposition to "Cancel Culture" is principled, not partisan. We oppose the mob going after people on both the Left and Right.

Let's call it like it is: "Cancel Culture" is a cult, and a hyper-legalist cult at that. You must abide by ever-changing standards perfectly, or they will destroy your life. There is never any forgiveness or grace. No matter how far in the past your "offensive" speech or actions were, no matter how young you were at the time, and no matter how sincere your apology or how much you have grown as a person, you are tainted forever. It is a horribly oppressive theology, one that offers no hope for anyone.

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