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Fact: Kamala Harris undermined public trust in vaccines

By Scott Tibbs, March 22, 2021

It is a fact that Vice President Kamala Harris undermined public trust in vaccines for COVID-19 during an interview with CNN last fall. As I said in my letter to the editor last week, it was Harris who was sowing distrust in the very same vaccines that the Biden/Harris administration is now helping distribute. She sabotaged trust in her own administration's health policy for short-term partisan political gain - the definition of putting party before country. There is no amount of spin that will erase that fact.

As Marc Thiessen pointed out in the Washington Post last September, Harris "questioned whether we could trust public health experts who vouch for the vaccine because they 'will be muzzled, they will be suppressed, they will be sidelined'..." When pressed further, Harris said "I trust Dr. Fauci."

No, you cannot have it both ways. Harris undermined public health experts, and said they would be muzzled, suppressed and sidelined, and then claimed to trust one of those very health experts she said could not be trusted, because Fauci was politically popular among her "very online" base.

Harris is not the only Democrat who has behaved in a reprehensible manner regarding COVID-19 vaccines. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo mandated that vaccines be thrown in the trash rather than be given to a non-preferred group, preferring to waste limited doses of the vaccines rather than take another step toward herd immunity by inoculating the "wrong" person. But even Cuomo is not as much of a wicked tyrant as his fellow Democrat Kim Ogg, who abused her authority as a district attorney in Texas to persecute a doctor who made the judgment that vaccines should not be destroyed.

Democrats have railed against Donald Trump for a year for allegedly not taking COVID-19 seriously, but the Democrats' own record on COVID-19 vaccines leaves a lot to be desired. That starts at the top, with Harris. President Joe Biden should not be left of the hook either, because he should have publicly rebuked Harris and said he trusts the vaccines and public health experts. His failure to stand with the experts was a failure of leadership. We know Biden trusts the vaccines: He was vaccinated before he took office.

The fact is that at a critical time, Harris undermined public trust in medical experts. Now, as the Biden/Harris administration is helping distribute the very same vaccines she said she did not trust, why should anyone trust a single word she says? Harris sacrificed public trust in medical experts for short-term political gain, so she could undermine Trump. But Harris also undermined her own administration's efforts to get shots in arms. Kamala Harris' dishonesty and hypocrisy are utterly repulsive.

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