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Radical Leftists condemn nature

By Scott Tibbs, March 5, 2021

It has long been accepted medical science that breastfeeding is the most healthy option for a baby. Formula is fine, but breastfeeding is the superior choice.

In fact, obnoxious nanny state authoritarian Michael Bloomberg ordered hospitals in New York City to hide baby formula to encourage breastfeeding back in 2012. While it is fine to educate parents on the benefits of breastfeeding, this judgmental micromanaging of caring for infants was wholly inappropriate. For some families, formula is the better choice and for some a hybrid model is the best choice. Tyrants like Bloomberg have no business sticking their noses into such private choices.

With that said, there is now a movement to not call breastfeeding "natural" because it might be "exclusive" to the tiny portion of the population that identifies as "transgender." So to appease a tiny number of people, their political enablers and radical Leftist activists, we must radically change language and refer to mothers as "birthing people." This politicization of medical care is both harmful and immoral.

Yes, breastfeeding is natural. A mother's body is literally designed by nature to nurse a baby until he is mature enough to eat solid food and even for a while afterward. But recognizing biology and scientific facts is "problematic" because it might reinforce "gender roles." Never mind that millions of working mothers manage to hold a career and breast-feed their babies, and that millions of working fathers actively help with caring for those babies. No, because someone's feelings might be hurt, we must deny biology and science. This is an incredibly simple-minded viewpoint. The world is not black and white!

This is a rebellion against God and the distinctions He has made. Man does not like that God designed nature in a certain way, and thinks it is "unfair," so we find all kinds of stupid reasons to declare science and biology to be "exclusionary." This is not just insane, it is harmful and wicked. Radical Leftists are abandoning what is best for babies because they would rather push a political agenda than speak the truth.

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