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By Scott Tibbs, February 9, 2021

♣ - Doug Wilson had an excellent podcast on transgender pronouns last week. The reason transgender theology is such a significant threat to liberty is because the goal of the movement is to mandate approval. My pronouns are not he/him, because pronouns do not belong to me. I am he/him because I am biologically, anatomically and genetically male. I live in the real world where gender is determined by science.

♣ - It should not be up to the majority party in Congress to decide who the minority party assigns to committees. Marjorie Taylor-Greene is a wacko, but it should have been Republican Party leadership that took this step as they did with Steve King. Now that the Democrats have done this, Republicans should retaliate the next time they take the House. The first and most obvious target to remove from committees: Maxine Waters.

♣ - The idea that expecting people not to treat animals badly is "white supremacy" is completely and utterly absurd. This kind of nonsense enables real racists by making people so weary of the accusation that they ignore it. If anything, the professor's argument is actually racist. We do not need to patronize black people and assume they are not capable of treating animals well.

♣ - Mitt Romney proposes a massive new federal entitlement program that makes government bigger and the budget deficit much worse, and you actually have people claiming this how we should move "conservatism" forward. Yep, moving "conservatism" forward means advancing a policy agenda that is 100% totally anti-conservative. Great work, Mittens!

♣ - Interesting fact: Joe Biden is the 46th President and was the 47th Vice President. We have had a couple Presidents who have served with more than one Vice President. The most recent was Richard Nixon.

♣ - Facebook wants to push political content out of news feeds, as users have allegedly said they do not want to see that content. They are doing this because it is so hard to mute and unfollow people, or even unfriend or block them.

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