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False gods are a cruel master

By Scott Tibbs, January 18, 2021

As our politics become ever more bitter and divisive, it is clear that politics itself has become a religion. That has very bad consequences for our nation, and for the political parties themselves. It is better for us to be grounded in something much more important than politics.

Politics should be grounded in principle, not partisanship. Yes, it does matter which party is in power, but our ultimate loyalty should not be to a party and our loyalty most certainly should not be to a particular politician. Our party loyalty needs to be subservient to deeper principles. A commitment to principle will also reduce "negative partisanship" - a commitment not to our own political party but to keeping "the bad guys" out of power. I cannot tell you how many times people have told me online and face-to-face that even if a Republican candidate for office is of bad personal character and/or opposes us on policy, he is "better than any Democrat." Politics should not be about war and enmity.

Ultimately, man is a creature destined to worship. When that worship is directed to the state or political power, it has resulted in horrible consequences. Nazi Germany killed millions of innocent civilians, Soviet Russia slaughtered even more and Communist China massacred even more than that - and Red China is still committing genocide today against the Uyghurs and brutally oppressing the people of Tibet.

Do not misunderstand me - I know that politics has always been a blood sport. There has never been some sort of magical time when things were tranquil and bipartisan. But it is not good for the country when the be-all and end-all of our political existence is whether the red team or the blue team prevails. Principle becomes secondary and power becomes the primary goal. Once power is achieved, we must cram down our agenda on the other side, as well as punish both enemies and "traitors" within our own party.

This is deeply unhealthy, and it needs to stop.

The answer to our politics is not to find better candidates, or win primaries, or defeat the other political party. The answer is to drop to our knees and pray that God will send the Holy Spirit to inspire revival. Nothing is beyond the reach of the omnipotent Creator of the Universe.

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