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Good riddance to porn on Tumblr

By Scott Tibbs, December 11, 2018

I have had a profile on Tumblr since September of 2012, and have used it almost exclusively to promote my blog. I knew there was some porn on here and I knew it was allowed, but the extent of my use of the platform was pretty much me linking to my blog posts. I had no idea it was as pervasive as it appears to be until the mainstream news media started wailing about the new rule banning porn.

I am a First Amendment absolutist, and I have often attacked the social media establishment for banning opinions they dislike. This includes memes, which are the modern equivalent of political cartoons. So some would expect me to oppose Tumblr's new ban on porn, right? Well, you don't know me all that well, then.

I am glad Tumblr has made this move. I welcome it and I wish Tumblr had banned porn from the very beginning. Porn is not free speech. It is moral depravity and sexual exploitation of women. What should be a deeply private thing should not be paraded around for all to see.

Porn exploits victims of sexual abuse and degrades our understanding of sex. It dehumanizes women and makes them into nothing more than pixels to be used and discarded. It transforms sex from a beautiful thing into a commodity to be trampled underfoot. This is why porn addicts seek more and more extreme porn when the same old same old fails to excite them.

Thank you, Tumblr. Is just wish you had done this much sooner.