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"I hope you do not have daughters"

By Scott Tibbs, December 3, 2018

I have often been attacked by Leftists for my defense of due process for men accused of sexual assault, specifically men who are accused on college campuses and are subjected to a "preponderance of the evidence" standard and a system designed to find them guilty.

"I hope you do not have daughters," Leftists exclaim, putting the burden on me to prove I am not a bad parent or a bad person. According to this "logic" I obviously do not care about victims of sexual violence or I would support changes to "help victims." These attacks are absurd ad hominem attacks designed to distract from the argument by making it personal. It is the strategy of an intellectual coward.

No, I do not have daughters. However, I do have sons and the prospect of them being railroaded over a false accusation is something that worries me. And that is the forgotten part of this: The men whose lives are destroyed by lies and liars. Opposing that injustice does not make me a bad parent. It makes me a good parent. No father or mother should tolerate his or her son being railroaded, not allowed to defend himself, and be expelled from school with a mark of "sexual assault" on his record.

Obviously, our first loyalty should not be to our sons, but to the Lord Jesus Christ. If our sons do indeed commit sexual crimes, then we must turn against him and side with his victim. We must see to it that he is appropriately punished. But demanding accountability for sexual crimes is in no way inconsistent with demanding due process for the accused to determine of he actually is guilty. Of course, if we have a daughter who falsely accuses a man of a crime, we should side with the man against our own daughter.

To turn this line of attack around on those who support the Obama-era guidelines restricting due process: I hope you do not have sons. It would be terrible to know your "mother" or your "father" would betray you and "believe women" when you have done nothing wrong.