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A ridiculous overreaction to an innocent mistake

By Scott Tibbs, October 31, 2018

I will be honest. I think when Megyn Kelly was discussing blackface, she was a bit of an airhead. I turned 45 years old on Sunday, and Kelly is three years older than I am. It is difficult for me to understand how anyone over the age of 25 could not understand why blackface is objectively offensive, especially someone who has worked in mass media for decades and has her own TV talk show.

That said, Kelly made an innocent mistake. She did not understand why blackface is offensive, and was genuine in her thinking that dressing up like a black celebrity one admires is a way to honor rather than demean him or her. This is not an alt-right figure defending racist trolling. This is someone who did not understand the issue and was trying to figure it out. Ignorance is not the same as racism.

After her comments generated controversy and she learned why blackface is offensive (it was used to demean and dehumanize black people in things like minstrel shows) she reversed her position and apologized. She was not caving to the mob. This is what adults do. If you do not understand something and learn new facts, you often change your opinion. So the problem has been solved, right?

Nope. Not by a long shot. The social justice warrior mob wants blood.

Are you telling me that NBC is actually canceling the show where an opinion pundit shares her opinion in discussions with guests, because of one opinion that was retracted? Seriously? This is not a proportionate response. This is self-righteousness to an absurd degree mixed with hypocrisy and extreme vindictiveness. One of the heroes of #MeToo is suddenly a public enemy because of a single misguided opinion.

Let's be honest here. All of the people calling for Megyn Kelly to be fired for one opinion are two-faced hypocrites. Each and every one of us has said something unintentionally offensive. Every single one of the people calling for the end of Kelly's career has been just as offensive as she was. Do you know how I know this? Because we are all human beings. Human beings say dumb things and we say offensive things. Every single one of the people screaming for Kelly's career could instantly be targets of the social media lynch mob if we combed through everything they have ever said or written.

I know people are weary of hearing and reading this, but this is how you got Donald Trump. If a single misguided statement, followed by a retraction and an apology, can be used to destroy someone, political correctness has gone too far. People are tired of having everything they do scrutinized for microaggressions and insufficient sensitivity. People are tired of watching people have their careers and lives destroyed over a single dunderheaded statement on social media. That is why over sixty million people voted to elect the man who is the #1 enemy of political correctness - Donald J. Trump.