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No one is being erased. Stop screeching.

By Scott Tibbs, October 29, 2018

Here is an uncomfortable reality for LGBTQ+ activists: When you cannot recognize there are real and serious issues surrounding "transgender rights" - like women's privacy in restrooms and locker rooms, and fairness to biologically female athletes - you do great harm to your cause. When you refuse to engage with serious concerns like women's privacy and instead screech "BIGOT" you lose all credibility.

The American people are tired of having Leftists start shrieking and screeching about "bigotry" any time someone raises legitimate concerns about their policy agenda. To the Left, there cannot be any legitimate dissent. Either you are fully on board with LGBTQ+ "rights" or you are a bigot, and you are no different than a Nazi. Are you proposing that LGBTQ+ people be put into concentration camps and gassed to death? Come on, this is absurd.

I am not exaggerating. I saw a Twitter post last week where the author said every time he sees "transgender debate," he hears "Jewish question." Are people really so hysterical that they think that people who have legitimate privacy concerns about putting biological men (including anatomically intact men) into women's restrooms and locker rooms are actually Nazis? Think about it. The very same Leftists who demand "trigger warnings" on sensitive content tell sexual assault survivors that they must shut up and accept men in their locker rooms and restrooms, even if a male in that private space is legitimately triggering.

No reasonable person wants to see transgender people killed, beaten or harassed. But reasonable people do not agree that biological men should be treated as if they actually are women, or that biological women should be treated as if they actually are men. Disagreement is not hate. By defining disagreement as hate, LGBTQ+ activists make reasonable accommodations and reasonable discussion impossible. They also cause people to flock to politically incorrect figures like Donald Trump.