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An important lesson from an outrageous case

By Scott Tibbs, October 19, 2018

Barack Obama continues to claim victims a year and a half after he left office, as this outrageous case shows. The so-called "University" of California demonstrated they do not care about facts, only about getting a desired outcome. For a "university" to behave this way should cause alarm among students, parents and alumni, because such an obvious disdain for facts is anathema to everything a "university" should stand for. In a perfect world, Obama would be criminally prosecuted for his violent rape of the United States Constitution.

But a bigger lesson is obvious here, and one that Christian parents should be drilling into their sons as soon as they approach puberty. If you abide by Biblical sexual morality, then the risk of false or exaggerated claims of sexual assault against you will be greatly reduced. If you do not engage in sexual activity before marriage, there is no risk of a sexual encounter going wrong, with differing interpretations of what happened - even if the woman's interpretation of what happened changes days after the incident. There will always be women like Potiphar's wife, of course, but avoiding the awkwardness and "blurred lines" of one night stands and "hookups" (especially those that involve alcohol) will be safer for young men.

Young men should be taught to protect, honor and respect women, and that means you do not use her body for your sexual gratification until you have committed your life to her in marriage. Christian parents should make it very clear that this is what they expect from their sons, and to also teach their daughters to expect nothing less from the men they are dating. As the Apostle Paul wrote, it is better to marry than to burn, so in many cases it would be smarter to get married younger than the current average age of marriage, which is currently 27 and 29 for women and men, respectively.

This will be better for women, too. Generally, women desire commitment while men want sex. The sexual revolution and commitment-free sex has been much more of a benefit for men, while women are often left feeling empty and used. The new puritanism on college campuses - where consensual one night stands can ruin a man's life even if there was no coercion - is in many ways a backlash against the sexual anarchy that allows men to get their rocks off while women are left feeling used and exploited. I mean, the Bible was right all along. Who knew, right?