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This tells me all I need to know

By Scott Tibbs, October 15, 2018

In a discussion of the harm done to men falsely accused of rape, a so-called "feminist" tweeted that the standards need to change to bring justice to the women who have been raped and never saw their abuser punished:
it's just gunna be too bad if a few innocent men have to carry that burden for the sake of justice for the many.
This tells you all you need to know about modern "feminism." This is not about equal rights or justice for women. This is about hatred of men, and punishing men generally for the grievances of modern feminists. It does not matter if a man is actually innocent or not. He deserves to be punished anyway, because there have been so many women who have not gotten justice. This is the worst form of identity politics, a tribal hatred that blames an entire group for the actions of a few.

Feminists pretend that there are no real consequences for false accusations. These "feminists" are liars. Brian Banks spent six years in prison and his dreams of playing in the National Football League were destroyed because a hateful women falsely accused him of "rape." The Duke Lacrosse team were expelled from campus when convicted murderer Crystal Mangum fabricated a "rape" that never took place. They had to spend huge amounts of money to stop a corrupt prosecutor from sending them to prison, were national pariahs, and had their lives forever altered.

Sometimes men (or teenage boys) fraudulently convicted for sexual crimes become rape victims themselves. Police and prosecutors framed Bernard Baran for child molestation. He spent years in prison and was raped 30 times before finally being exonerated. One of the Central Park Five still showers with his boxers on. What do you think happened to him in prison? Worse yet, the actual perpetrator of the brutal attack on an innocent jogger got away with his crime for years while innocent teen boys were punished. It may well turn out that Daniel Holtzclaw is one of the men wrongfully punished for crimes he did not commit.

Finally, let's not forget scores of black men tortured and murdered by racist gangs because they were falsely accused of raping white women. Let's not forget the case of Emmett Till, a 14 year old boy who was brutally tortured and murdered because he allegedly whistled at a white woman. He was not even accused of rape or sexual assault!

The harm done by false allegations is real, which is why we must be uncompromising in our defense of due process for people accused not only of rape, but of any crime. The reason we must defend due process is not because we seek to minimize the seriousness of rape and sexual abuse. The reason we defend due process and rules of evidence is because we do take these allegations seriously, and we want to make sure a sexual predator is actually guilty before we punish (or better yet, execute) him for his crimes.

Look, this is not complicated. We can support victims of rape and seek harsh punishment for the predators who victimize them while we also oppose women who lie about rape. We can support victims of rape while we also oppose police and prosecutors who frame innocent men and teen boys for crimes they did not commit. If you cannot see that, then you are either a fool or you are blinded by tribal hatred and rage.