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Exposing a Satanic conspiracy to normalize pedophilia

By Scott Tibbs, September 18, 2018

As Christians, we need to be able to read the stitches on the fastball. We need to understand that our enemy ultimately is not flesh and blood, but the Devil himself. (See Ephesians 6:12.) There are supernatural forces at work trying to annihilate everything that is good and pure, and the people advancing that agenda on earth might not even realize what they are doing.

The mainstream news media loves stories of pretty young women (especially teachers) having sexual relations with teenage boys in their care. It carries a lurid interest in the audience. But we must not forget that this is much more common with male teachers and teen girls. Male teachers are statistically much more likely to exploit teen girls than female teachers are to do the same with teen boys.

We also need to be brutally, shockingly honest about the darker forces at work here: The point of stories like this is to normalize pedophilia. Satan is breaking us down with stories of attractive twenty-something teachers and teen boys, which are not seen as nearly as destructive as adult men and teen girls.

But make no mistake: This is the foot in the door to a much wider agenda. Why do you think that stories of female teachers and teen boys are reported much more aggressively than stories of male teachers and teen girls? Stories like this are meant to desensitize us so that our guard is lowered when it comes to male-on-female pederasty and eventually male-on-male pederasty.

After society is broken down to accept pederasty and sexual exploitation of teenagers by adult men, the next step in the demonic agenda will be to start lowering the age at which it is acceptable for a twenty-something to be sexually intimate with a teenager, and then pre-teens. The ages of the predators will get higher and the ages of the victims will get lower. We must not be distracted by the details of a specific case. We must be looking several steps down this path at the ultimate end goal if we want to stop this evil.

No, I do not believe the news media is doing this intentionally. I do not believe there is a secret cabal with a pro-pedophilia agenda. I doubt the news media pushing these stories even think about anything other than clicks, ratings and ad revenue. But there are darker spiritual forces at work here, and Christians must have the wisdom and discernment to see the truth. We must use the discernment that God has given to us.