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Jeff Sessions is not an anti-Trump conspirator

By Scott Tibbs, September 7, 2018

This is stupid and insane. The author of this idiotic piece is obviously mentally unhinged.

Yes, the nefarious plot is obvious. Jeff Sessions was the first sitting U.S. Senator to endorse Donald Trump in the primary, risking backlash from his own party. Sessions then stuck with Trump and campaigned for him knowing the long odds of defeating Hillary Clinton in the general election, so he could possibly be appointed Attorney General, so he could betray Trump in 2018 - knowing Trump could fire him at any moment if he displeased the President. That is just brilliant.

Good grief, people. Get a freaking grip on yourselves. You humiliate yourself every day with this crap. This conspiracy theory requires every single thing to go right (including Trump winning, which no one expected) and requires the President to be such a wimp that he does not remove an attorney general trying to remove him from office - something Trump could literally do in about ten seconds by putting a pen to a piece of paper. What the author does not realize is that this entire theory makes Trump look like a total coward.

There is nothing mysterious about what happened here. Sessions always supported Trump. Sessions was appointed as Attorney General by Trump because he is a Trump loyalist. Sessions then believed he was ethically obligated to recuse himself from the Russia investigation because of his involvement in the Trump campaign.

You can disagree with Sessions on this matter without going off the deep end about how Sessions is secretly a Deep State agent trying to remove a President he campaigned for, and how Sessions' behavior is turning the frogs gay. Is the cult of Donald Trump really this deranged and unhinged?