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PETA censors blasphemy against Gaia

By Scott Tibbs, August 31, 2018

Dog fighting is real. Smaller dogs are brutally maimed and killed by fighting dogs to "train" them to fight, and then the fighting dogs maim and kill each other. Sometimes animals killed for fur or food are treated with unnecessary cruelty. Some people abuse and neglect their pets. All of these are real issues than an "animal rights" organization could be working to oppose. Instead, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is more interested in ethical treatment of cartoons.

It is easy to mock and ridicule PETA for this foolishness. Yes, no actual animal has ever been harmed by a stupid drawing on a box of cookies. But something much darker is happening here, as it relates to free speech and especially in the spiritual darkness happening behind the scenes. Christians must recognize the dark forces at work here and refuse to be lulled to sleep or simply dismiss it as "political correctness."

You see, this is really about blasphemy laws. Just like Muslim terrorists who seek to censor and destroy all images of Muhammed, PETA is seeking to get rid of images that depict "cruelty" to animals - images that "offend" the demon known as Gaia. Just like with their foolish and idiotic jihad against pixels, religious fanatics will not allow any dissent whatsoever from the fatwas they issue about how their demon-goddess wants us to live. This is about the destruction of free speech and forcing earth worship on all of us.


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