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Triggered by a baseball cap?

By Scott Tibbs, July 23, 2018

A member of the Monroe County Council snapped a photo of me and shared it on his Facebook profile, prompting a lot of whining about the "Make America Great Again" hat I wore at a council meeting earlier this month. One person even suggested that law enforcement force me to remove my hat.

It is impossible for me to take this seriously. The county council has been trolling pro-life taxpayers for the last ten years by giving money to the local abortion mill. They have been trolling us by forcing us to donate to an organization we find morally abominable. They could easily avoid all this rancor at their meetings by not funding Planned Parenthood. I didn't take a single penny from anyone by wearing a MAGA hat.

Not one single person at that meeting - not on the council and not one member of the pink cult - even addressed the fact that Planned Parenthood right here in Bloomington has not been reporting abortions done on underage girls as required by law. The Monroe County Council is literally giving money to people who cover up for sexual predators, and they whine about my hat. Give me a break. The hypocrisy is utterly repulsive.

The councilor whined that my hat "significantly lessened the impact and seriousness of your message." Let's be brutally honest here. The Democrats on the county council have never taken objections to funding Planned Parenthood seriously. The evidence of that is that they robotically vote to send several thousand dollars to PP every single year. Does anyone really believe that wearing a hat supporting the policies of a President who got the votes of an eyelash under 63 million people actually makes anyone take my argument less seriously?

My hat was no more "trolling" than dozens of people wearing pink shirts to the meeting, supporting the vote to force pro-life taxpayers to fund an organization we find morally abominable. My hat was no more "trolling" than wearing hats meant to represent female genitalia. And, most importantly, my hat was far less of an example of "trolling" than elected officials abusing their positions of power to force people to subsidize Planned Parenthood.

Frankly, I would rather not attend these meetings, but someone has to stand up and say "no."