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Self-centered egomaniacs put themselves first

By Scott Tibbs, June 27, 2018

I live in a university community. As such, I expect I will see a lot of foot traffic and jaywalking as I am driving through campus on the way to or home from work. It's a trade-off of taking the most direct route. What blows my mind is that idiots who are driving think it is appropriate to stop their car in the middle of the street and block traffic to let someone out.

Seriously? You can't pull into a parking lot? Are you really this self-centered?

It is true that there are people who do need to be dropped off closer to a building. If that is done for people who actually need it, that's one thing. But even then, stopping in the middle of 10th Street and blockading traffic is a selfish thing to do. There is simply no need to do that.

Even if someone has a legitimate medical need to be dropped off closer to a building, there is no way it is better to stop in the middle of the street and blockade traffic instead of pulling into a parking lot and either drive up as close to the door as possible or into a handicapped space. Of course, that is almost never the case with this situation. This is people being self centered and lazy.