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Professionalism is not oppression

By Scott Tibbs, May 21, 2018

The idea that showing their bodies in public is empowering to women is the biggest hoax men have ever perpetrated on feminists. Men get to look at women and women think they are sticking it to "the patriarchy." As with the sexual revolution and the hook up culture, men get what they want and women get hurt.

You have probably heard of the Cornell "student" who decided to protest her professor's advice by stripping to her underwear to give her thesis. The absurdity does not end there, as other students joined her in this protest by stripping down to their underwear. Twenty years ago, this would have been a parody. Not any more.

The obvious answer is this: Grow up. Expecting professionalism is not oppression. Most employers have some sort of dress code. (In most offices, men are not permitted to wear shorts, for example.) That a female professor prods a female student to dress professionally is not a violation of her rights or demeaning to her as a person. She will need to learn professionalism at some point.

Coddled students with an entitlement mentality starts with coddled children who have an entitlement mentality. Students who are well trained and well disciplined at home are less likely to behave this way when they are adults at college. The fact that colleges have to deal with this foolishness is evidence of how many parents refuse to actually be parents.

This is not me being an old man telling people to get off my lawn. I would have said the same thing in 1996. The idea that a grown woman giving a presentation in her underwear is some sort of blow for feminism shows just how silly the modern feminist movement has become and why a large percentage of women will not call themselves feminists. This is not egalitarianism. This is just childish.