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Celebrity worship is anti-conservative

By Scott Tibbs, May 17, 2018

Do conservatives believe in merit anymore? Do conservatives believe that someone should be judged on his accomplishments? Or do we fall in love with celebrities instead? Is posting a viral YouTube video or saying a couple "lit" things on Twitter all it takes to be a leader in the conservative movement? Worse yet, is being viciously personally attacked by a Leftist troll all it takes to be a top spokesperson?

This is apparently the case, which is why we see conservative thought leaders actually arguing for YouTube celebrities who make basic conservative arguments and have a following online to be placed in prominent positions in the White House. Never mind that there are others who have actually paid their dues, and never mind that a social media celebrity may be making the exact same arguments as literally millions of other conservatives on social media or their own blogs. Nope, this celebrity is popular, so let's elevate him or her. Qualifications? Education? Experience? Who cares!

But Donald Trump did not have any experience, you might say. That is not quite true. Trump has been a real estate mogul for decades, supervising construction, government permits, his workforce and various other things required to build his empire. If nothing else, he understands how to work through the system to get things done. Do I think everything he has done us laudable? Obviously not. Some of his business practices have been downright deplorable. But the experience was there nonetheless. I had a lot of problems with nominating Trump and I did not vote for him, but he did have relevant experience to the job.

Guys, let's stop this celebrity worship. Some idiots on the right were even praising KGB thug Vladimir Putin because he outmaneuvered Barack Obama on something. Never mind that Putin is literally a Communist who admires the Soviet Union - a brutal dictatorship that murdered tens of millions of people. Never mind that Putin is literally a KGB thug. Our partisan/tribal hatred for Obama forces us to embrace someone who makes Obama look like a hardcore conservative.

This is not what conservatism is supposed to be. We need to be about ideas, principles and merit, not about celebrity worship. This needs to stop, right now.