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Joe Donnelly and the murder of Alfie Evans

By Scott Tibbs, May 11, 2018

The state-ordered murder of Alfie Evans is Joe Donnelly's vision for the future of America. Do you think that is too harsh? Do you think I am being unfair to the "moderate" Democrat from Indiana? Nope. Donnelly voted in favor of murdering Alfie and many more like him when he cast his vote in favor of the wicked ObamaCare legislation. Donnelly voted for rationing and for government death panels deciding who lives and who dies. So much for his alleged "christian" faith.

Donnelly knew exactly what he was voting for from the way President Obama talked about ObamaCare before it passed. When a woman asked Obama at a town hall meeting whether her mother would be allowed to get a life-saving surgery under ObamaCare, Obama responded that maybe she would be better off taking a pain pill. It was a horrifying moment. Of course, thanks to the hysteria over opioid painkillers, even that option will soon be unavailable. We will just have to die in pain.

Let's be real here. Having the federal government pay for and heavily regulate our health care system will inevitably lead to rationing, and to government bureaucrats and so-called "judges" deciding who lives and who dies. If we move to single-payer health care - a dream of folks like Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton - it will be even worse. The socialist health care system in the United Kingdom is so corrupt that it would not even allow another hospital in another nation to try to save helpless little Alfie. They were consumed with bloodlust and that is the direction our own nation is headed.

The state-ordered murder of little Alfie, like Charlie Gard before him, shows that Sarah Palin was right when she warned about "death panels" back in 2009. Donnelly knew it too, and voted for ObamaCare anyway. This is why Donnelly must be fired from his job as U.S. Senator. Justice demands it.