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The Old Gray Lady becomes a Dirty Old Man

By Scott Tibbs, May 10, 2018

Communism is rape. That is the lesson we should take from the "incel" movement and the idiotic Leftists who are "thinking" about how to deal with it. The "incel" movement is the inevitable next step after one hundred years of class warfare and teaching people to resent and hate those with more material possessions. Why not resent and hate those with greater access to sex?

In the years leading up to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, Hutus hated Tutsis in no small part because of their wealth. The mass rapes of Tutsi women was a natural outgrowth of this envy and hatred. Today, we have some "incel" nutjobs advocating rape as a solution to "involuntary celibacy," following the same "logic" that Communists have been pushing for generations. It should not be a surprise that an ideology that leads to the murder of one hundred million people would also endorse rape.

Ross Douhat unintentionally exposes the hypocrisy of Leftists who mock and condemn the "incel" movement. The very same people who condemn "incels" for their misogyny also damn men who do not want to have sex with "trans women." Men who do not want to have sex with biological men are damned as bigots.

Of course, this also exposes that these Leftists do not really believe in sexual freedom or sexual autonomy. Up until the last couple years, Leftists said that any sexual desire was OK. But the sexual revolution was never about tolerance. It was always about mandatory acceptance. This includes the expectation that men will have sex with other biological men regardless of what they want.

Let me lay it out as directly as possible: No one has the "right" to sex. Let me repeat that: No one has the "right" to sex. The right does not exist, has never existed and will never exist.

So how do we combat this wicked culture that demands a "right" to sex? The only cure is with a spiritual revival. Instead of seeing sex as a "right" that "incel" men are "unfairly" denied, we should see sex as something that men achieve through hard work and good character. Sex is something that is a reward for bettering yourself into marriage-worthy material. Restoring the Biblical boundaries around sex will restore respect for women, and it will also restore responsibility in men.

But that will never happen until Christian churches repent of their surrender to the sexual revolution, fornication and unbiblical divorce and start preaching Biblical doctrine. Our churches have totally failed in this regard, and society has suffered because of it. All true reformations must start with repentance in the church.