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Stop complaining about Richard Mourdock

By Scott Tibbs, April 12, 2018

I understand why there is still frustration in Indiana over losing a U.S. Senate race in 2012. This was, by all rights, a race that we should have won. We should be trying to hold an open seat or retain an incumbent Republican, not trying to unseat an incumbent Democrat. But do we really need to continue to second-guess Richard Mourdock for his infamous comments in a debate with Joe Donnelly?

I am frankly sick of hearing about this. In fact, I was sick of hearing about this about four days after he said it, and that was six years ago. It is long past time to move on.

Let's be real here. We have all worded things poorly, especially when put on the spot. We have all blanked the answer to a question where we knew the answer. Every single one of us has done this, without exception. The difference is that most of us do not have our flubbed answer turn into an international news headline and a major campaign issue for every race in the nation. To continue to second guess and attack Mourdock for what he said, six years after the fact, is utterly repulsive. The pile on happened six years ago.

Mourdock has not run for office since he lost that U.S. Senate race in 2012. He probably will never run for anything at this point because of how much his reputation has been trashed and how even the Republican Party is afraid to be associated with him. This is unfortunate, because he is a solid conservative with a firm grasp of public policy, but it is what it is. But now that Mourdock's political career is over, it is time to let it go and leave him be. Richard Mourdock is a good man and deserves better than this, especially so long after his infamous answer on that debate stage. Everything that can be said has been said. Let it go.