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Crooked Hillary needs to look in the mirror

By Scott Tibbs, April 10, 2018

Every time Hillary Clinton complains about her 2016 loss, she again demonstrates why she lost in the first place. One of the more recent excuses is that women were pressured to vote for Donald Trump by their fathers, husbands, boyfriends and brothers.

Right away, let me address an objection. Why I still talking about a candidate who was vanquished a year and a half ago? Well, the answer is simple. Mrs. Clinton will not go away and is obsessed with re-litigating the 2016 election and smearing the voters who did not give her the office that she believes is hers by divine right. As long as she continues to thrust herself into the political debate, she is a legitimate target for criticism.

On to her complaint. Is Mrs. Clinton so misogynistic that she believes that women are so weak and feeble minded that they cannot stand up for themselves and vote the way they choose? Even if there was pressure, we have something called a "secret ballot" in this country. Once you walk into the voting booth, you can vote for whoever you want and nobody has any clue who you chose.

Has Mrs. Clinton considered that perhaps the reason husbands and wives vote the same way is because people tend to choose spouses with similar worldviews? Because they do. When it is time to get married, people naturally gravitate to someone of a similar background, religious faith and political ideology. Yes, I know there are exceptions. There are always exceptions. Exceptions do not invalidate a general truth.

Once again, Mrs. Clinton is unable to accept any responsibility for why people did not want her in the White House. The people who voted against her are either feeble-minded women who are unable to think for themselves or they are racist, sexist, uneducated, backward rubes who voted against her historic candidacy because they are deplorable. She is unable to see her own flaws.

Mrs. Clinton, you need to get over it. Move on with your life. You will never be President and this obsession is unhealthy. You need to let go of this bitterness and let it go. This path will only lead to more pain and misery, and that is entirely self-inflicted. Do you want to spend the rest of your life miserable and bitter?