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Our problem is not masculinity. It is rebellion against God.

By Scott Tibbs, February 23, 2018

Despite what radical feminists and some parts of the #MeToo movement are telling you, Masculinity is actually a good thing. The key is that masculinity has to be properly focused. This is why, when bashing "toxic masculinity," we have to have an alternative: Biblical masculinity.

You see, God created man to be protector and provider. Because women are the weaker sex, men are to protect women. Of course, this is politically incorrect to say, but simple biology tells us that it is true. Even a female MMA fighter might be incredibly tough, but she still has a disadvantage in muscle mass and bone density compared to a man of similar age.

An example of Biblical masculinity is Job. We know of him as the man who continued to bless God even as he suffered horribly, and this is indeed an incredibly righteous life. But in Job 29, we see a different picture of this righteous man. He was a friend to the poor and fatherless, he "caused the widow's heart to sing for joy," and he broke the jaws of the wicked, rescuing those who were oppressed by them.

But like all of the gifts God has given us, we can pervert that gift and make it a curse. Unless masculinity operates within the framework God designed for it, masculinity will become toxic. (This also applies to femininity.) We live in a cultural cesspool because we have abandoned the guardrails set by Scripture to focus the good gifts that God has given to us.