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I am ashamed to be a Christian

By Scott Tibbs, February 6, 2018

When I look at how corrupt the church is today, filled with hypocrisy and idolatry, I am ashamed to be a Christian. I do not want to call myself a Christian any more, and I have often thought of how else to describe myself. Should I call myself a Believer? Perhaps I should call myself Redeemed. (I am sticking with the label "Christian" for now, because I do not want to surrender that word to hypocrites, idolaters, heretics and apostates.) It is humiliating to watch the church of Jesus Christ repeatedly beclown itself as it prostates itself before Donald Trump and to a lesser extent the Republican Party.

There have always been heretics in the church. There have always been false teachers who lead the sheep away from the Gospel to follow whatever doctrine of demons they have come up with. There have always been cults that break away from the church of Jesus Christ to bow down to false gods and follow men who set themselves up as a false messiah. None of this is surprising and none of this is new.

What is depressing is to see men who have stood for years in defense of orthodox Christian doctrine in the public square and have condemned wicked men like disgraced ex-President Clinton immediately collapse like a house of cards and grovel before President Trump, who makes no claim of saving faith in Jesus Christ. They damn Clinton while refusing to condemn identical behavior by Trump, who is given a "mulligan." These so-called "christians" are hypocrites and idolaters who preach heresy.

I do not know if President Trump had a one night stand with a porn star. She claims he did, and he denies it. Since I do not know what happened, I cannot condemn Trump specifically for this alleged action. I must not bear false witness. What I can do, however, is say that it is an abomination for a man to step out on his wife and commit adultery against her, especially just months after she sacrificed her body and endured the pain of childbirth to make him a father. It is wicked and God hates this sin. Let me repeat that: God hates it.

While we do not know if this particular incident is true, we do know that Trump is a very sexually immoral man. We do know that Trump has openly said he has never asked God for forgiveness for his sexual immorality. Therefore, tossing around words like "redemption" is a wicked heresy and those who say those things are betraying the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christians must condemn Trump's fornication and adultery just as we condemned Bill Clinton.

Look, this is not difficult. President Trump has been a friend of religious liberty, and we should be thankful for that. President Trump has been an enemy of abortion, the wicked slaughter of sixty million innocent babies. We absolutely should support Trump as he pursues good policy on these matters. As I have said before, I would vote for President Trump if the 2020 general election were held today. He is not a Christian, but on policy I have been very happy with President Trump.

But while Christians can in good faith support Trump politically, that does not mean he is our messiah. We can support and defend Trump when he does the right thing and is viciously attacked for it, while also making it very clear that his sexual immorality is wicked and that God hates it. We do not have to betray the Gospel and abandon orthodox Christian doctrine on sexual morality in order to support a President who has been our ally on critical matters like abortion and religious liberty.