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A dark and sinister agenda against the First Amendment

By Scott Tibbs, February 5, 2018

The crimes allegedly committed against Sam Brinton are indeed terrible. It is not legitimate therapy to order a teenager to be "bound to a table to have ice, heat and electricity" applied to his body. Obviously that sort of thing should be illegal. The good news is that it already is illegal under our laws against assault with no need for any sort of ban on conversion therapy.

But we need to be very clear here. Brinton's goal is not to protect teens from being physically abused. Instead, it is a dark and sinister agenda to eviscerate the First Amendment and criminalize orthodox Christian doctrine on sexual morality. The end goal is to force approval of homosexual behavior.

What a ban on conversion therapy actually does is forbid Christian pastors from counseling youths who wish to be free of unwanted sinful sexual desire. It gags their free speech to preach the Gospel against the sin of homosexuality. This devious and dishonest campaign exploits the rare cases of legitimate abuse to criminalize Christian counseling. This is un-American and clearly illegal under our Constitution.

Do not be fooled into thinking that bans on conversion therapy will be confined to private counseling. Public exhortations about sexual morality from the pulpit will also be criminalized. After all, there is little real difference between counseling and preaching when the words are the same. There is no logical reason to make a distinction between private counseling and sermons to the entire church.

But know this: Christians will break the law. We will not submit to the government's demand that we refrain from preaching and counseling from God's Word. You can pass all of the bans on conversion therapy that you want, and you can even repeal the First Amendment, but we will not obey unjust laws.