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The principles of civility are not partisan

By Scott Tibbs, January 31, 2018

Are all Republicans individually responsible for everything President Trump does, and does Trump's behavior automatically justify any bad behavior by the Left? The answers are simple: No and no. The premise of both questions is childish and absurd. This came to light a while ago when a friend lamented some of the language used by attendees at the Women's March on his Facebook page. He was told that those who support Trump cannot complain about the behavior of the Left. Really?

We can all agree that President Trump is boorish and obnoxious, and uses bad language. While I am glad that we have a President who will "punch back" when attacked, I have often wished the President would "punch back" with more restraint, and refrain from a lot of the personal attacks he uses. However, no matter what you think of President Trump, civility is a standard that exists on its own. We are all responsible for our own language and behavior, whether Republican or Democrat, and no matter what our ideology may be.

Justifying Leftist incivility by pointing to Trump is a partisan form of moral relativism. Because the leader of the other political party is not civil, we can be as obscene and nasty as we want. Basically, it is the "adult" version of a little child saying "He did it toooooooooooooooooooo!! He did it toooooooooooooooooooo!!" The answer to this is simple. It is called "grow up."

At least with genuine moral relativists, you can see that they are simply following their warped world view. This cannot even be excused as that. This is hyperpartisanship, also known as idolatry. Furthermore, nothing Trump has said publicly is nearly as obscene as some his critics have been. Finally, I cannot take someone seriously when they question Trump's mental health while dressed up as female genitalia. Do radical feminists actually think they are convincing anyone by dressing up as a six foot tall vagina? Seriously?