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By Scott Tibbs, January 30, 2018

♣ - Just because you fight against evil, does not mean your cause is just. The Soviet Union certainly fought against evil in World War II, but the brutal Communist regime murdered tens of millions of their own people. Not every fight is good against evil. Sometimes, evil fights evil. This is not difficult to understand.

♣ - The XFL is coming back. For those who don't remember, World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon started his own football league 20 years ago. Not having failed enough the first time, McMahon wants to go back for a second helping of fail.

♣ - Basing a filter for "fake news" on a poll of Facebook users is a terrible idea, if for no other reason than the system will be abused. People will report legitimate sources as fake, and fake sources as legitimate. There will be organized campaigns to do both. How could Facebook not foresee this? Maybe that is the point...

♣ - God is not good because things are going well for us. God is good because He says that He is good, and He defines the term. His faithfulness is infinite, and His will is perfect. We, as the creation, do not have standing to challenge the Creator.

♣ - What would have happened if the Tea Party had called themselves "the resistance" in 2009-2010? Let's be clear: That term has obvious revolutionary and violent connotations. The movement would have been over before it started and some Tea Party folks would be in prison.

♣ - The Empire Strikes Back: Why would a snowspeeder have a tow cable? What are they towing? How would a flying vehicle tow anything? Would it just be flapping in the wind while being towed?