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Millennials are ruining...

By Scott Tibbs, January 29, 2018

I am solidly in Generation X, and I remember all of the Generation X bashing in the 1990's. That is why I am more inclined to dismiss broad-brush criticisms of Millennials generally, especially when those criticisms are downright silly.

For example: Millennials are killing Budweiser because they aren't buying it. They are buying other types of alcohol, and when they drink beer they generally prefer craft beers. Well, no, Millennials are not killing anything. Budweiser has clearly failed to provide a product that Millennials want and market that product to them. Blaming consumers for not buying your product is the height of entitled arrogance.

Another example, from an article I saw a little over a year ago: "Millennials don't know what fabric softener is for." So now are consumers not only to blame for not buying your product, they are stupid too. Brilliant marketing. Why don't you insult their mothers while you are at it, and call them some names?

This is absurd. Like I said before, I am solidly in Generation X. I have never used fabric softener in my entire life. What gets me is the arrogance in that statement, assuming people who are not buying the product do not know what it is I found that offensive, especially since the product describes itself. Just because someone does not use something does not mean he does not know what it is.

Every generation has been bemoaned by the generations that came before them. Today it is Millennials. Baby Boomers were seen as terrible for their music and lifestyles. I am sure even "the greatest generation" took some heat at the time from the generation that won World War I. But this Millennial bashing is tedious and tiresome, especially when the whining is because they are not buying a particular product or class of products.

Finally, as I pointed out last year the age range that captures Millennials is so huge that making blanket statements about people at vastly different life stages defies logic, reason and common sense.